CLEVERIN for home and office
Stationary air disinfector CLEVERIN is an innovative, highly effective aerosol agent for fighting 99% of known viruses and bacteria.
Created on the basis of chlorine dioxide (CL02), concentrated in the gaseous state for the first time.
It is the development of Japanese scientists. Patented after a series of scientific experiments and proof of its effectiveness.

Weight: 60 g

Impact area: up to 13.2 sq. m

Protection period: 1 month

Manufacturer: Taiko Pharmaceutical

Official distributor in Kazakhstan: «MedInc» LLP
Operating principles
CLEVERIN effectively cleans and disinfects the air, blocks the spread and transmission of viruses and bacteria. Thanks to chlorine dioxide, which destroys the protein structure of pathogens.

Helps to deal with mold, eliminates unpleasant odors.
It is recommended to be installed in residential and non-residential premises, offices and production sites, in transport.
Method of use
1) Unscrew and remove the container lid.

Attention: the container must be kept strictly in a horizontal position to avoid spilling the liquid inside. Otherwise, it is necessary to wipe the area where the product has been spilled, and if it comes into contact with the skin, wash off the area with plenty of soap and water.

2) Add granules from the supplied sachet into the container. Do not mix or shake.

3) Leave the product on for 15 minutes to harden the gel.

4) Screw on the cover.

5) The degree of product circulation is adjusted by turning the lid.
Recommendation for use
Keep out of direct sunlight, out of the reach of children.
Approved for use in rooms with pets.
In the first few days, a weak chlorine smell (similar to ozone, qurats) is possible.
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