CLEVERIN: we care about you and your health
Innovative technologies to fight viruses at home, at work, in public places
No need to fear viruses anymore
- destroys 99,9% of viruses and bactria
- reduces your disinfection costs
- safe for you and your pets

CLEVERIN protects you from viruses at home and at work
№1 Disinfectant in Japan

- Cleans air from 99% of viruses and bacteria
- Safe for people and animals
- Suitable for indoor use
- Suitable for individual use
- Effective against fungi and mold
- Eliminates unpleasant odors and allergens


CLEVERIN-pen for personal protection - the portable virus blocker will 99% purify the air from viruses and bacteria around the wearer.
Convenient in use. Absolutely safe.

Where does CLEVERIN work?
Why do you need CLEVERIN?
- You want to live in full force without fear of viruses

- You take care of your own health

- You understand the importance of prevention

- You are worried about the well-being of your relatives

- The ability to work of the team is important to you

- You don't want to panic about the pandemic
CLEVERIN is a health protector for you and your family
Affordable pricing policy
The CL02 concentration is absolutely safe
Ergonomic shape and size
99% destruction of viruses and bacteria
Science about CLEVERIN
Feedback from our clients
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