CLEVERIN-pen for personal protection
A modern and breakthrough development of Japanese scientists - an effective blocker of viruses, bacteria and allergens, made in the form of a compact pen with a cartridge containing an active substance. Easily fits in a breast pocket, purse, car interior, which allows you to protect yourself from infection with infectious diseases.
Weight: 8 g

Product size: 110 х 22 х 14 mm

Package size: 178 х 100 х 20 mm

Package weight: 33 g

Includes: portable Cleverin device and 2 individually wrapped replacement cartridges

Protection period: 14 days – for one cartridge after opening.

Manufacturer: Taiko Pharmaceutical

Official distributor in Kazakhstan: «MedInc» LLP
Operating principle
CLEVERIN effectively cleans and disinfects the air, blocks the spread and transmission of viruses and bacteria thanks to chlorine dioxide, which destroys the protein structure of pathogens.
The released chlorine dioxide effectively cleans and disinfects the air, blocks the spread and transmission of viruses and bacteria, oxidizing their protein structure.

It is recommended to carry it with you - in your pocket, on a harness.
Method of use
1) Bend the replacement cartridge until it clicks, as if breaking it in half.

2) Shake the cartridge up and down until the substance turns yellow.

3) Insert into the base of the pen.

4) After 14 days, you need to replace the cartridge.
Recommendation of use
It is made in the form of a pen, which acts as a cover for a miniature cartridge with a product.

Convenient for use and transportation, suitable for personal protection in crowded places and when visiting medical institutions. It is used for the prevention of diseases in children under the age of three years, pregnant women, the elderly. Serves as additional protection for people with allergies during an exacerbation.
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